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It has always been important to maintain an adequate airway during any general anesthetic, especially for any type of oral surgery performed under general anesthesia. With the increasing use of intravenous administration of anesthetics, it is even more vital. Attempts have been made in the past to perform operations such as tonsillectomy on adults by using endotracheal intubation, but the surgeon usually found that the tube obstructed the operating field or tended to slip out of the glottis.

These are our some Anaesthesia Equipments, Ambu Type Bags, Face Masks Padded, Anesthesia Rebreathing Bags, Rebreathing Bags Black Rubber, Corrugated Tubecap, Guedel Pattern Airway, Reservoir Bags Anesthesia, Anesthesia Portable Machine, Vacuum Suction Apparetus, Foot Suction Machine etc which meets International standard on best quality products.

Corrugated Tube
Item Code Name
OML-AE 1304 Corrugated Tubecap
Guedel Pattern Airway
Item Code Name
OML-AE 1305 Guedel Pattern Airway
Reservoir Bags
Item Code Name
OML-AE 1306 Reservoir Bags
Anaesthesia Portable Machine
Item Code:OML-AE 1307
Extensively used in various hospitals, medical institutions etc., our Portable Anaesthesia Machine is ideal for the Anesthesia purposes. Our compact Portable Anesthesia Machine is easy to operate and maintain. We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the supreme Anaesthetic Machine Manufacturers and exporters based in India.
222-Anaesthesia Machine
Item Code:OML-AE 1308
Construction : Trolly made made by tublar riged steel section electrostatically powder coated or stainless steel
  • Suitable drawer for keeping anaesthesia kit
  • Extended platform at rear for one 10 ltrs. (Water capacity) cylinder
  • Hook for breathing circuit
  • Wipe clean stainless steel top
  • One gold man type vaporizer for halthene
  • Emergency Oxygen Flush
  • Nitrous Oxide shut offin the event of O2 Failure
  • Dimension : 152H x 43D x 55W CM
  • Weight :35kg Approx.
Deluxe Model
Item Code:OML-AE 1309
  • Ac-dc Dulex Suction Machine Battery Opreated (For Ambulance)
  • Cabinet made by mild steel, electrostatically powder coated.
  • 50 mm diameter rubber castors.
  • 2 glass jar of 1.5 ltrs with over flow safety device
  • Oil mmersed motorized noise less vacuum pump.
  • Stainless steel top
  • Vacuum create-700 mm hg ± 10% control bu knob.
  • 63 mm diameter vacuum gang graduated in mm Hg.
  • Reusable Filter
  • Foot switch sock for use footswitch
  • Power : 230V-50Hz
  • Dimension :75H x 30D x 35W CM
  • Weight :18kg Approx.
Deluxe Electric Cum Foot Suction Apparatus
Item Code:OML-AE 1310
  • Suction machine electric cum foot model with two separate system electric & pedal
  • 2 glass suction jars each of 1.5 Ltrs capacity filled with synthetic rubber lids & overflow safety device.
  • Oil immersed motorized noise less vacuum pump.
  • Cabinet made by mild steel with powder coated with two vacuum gauges mounted on 4 rubber castors & Stainless steel top.
  • Reuseable Filter.
  • Electric Vacuum : 700 mm Hg ± 10% control by knob.
  • Manual Vacuum : 600 mm Hg ± 10 % creating vacuum instantly.
  • Power : 230V-50 Hz
  • Dimension :75H x 45D x 41W CM
  • Weight :21kg Approx.
High Vacuum Suction Apparetus
Item Code:OML-AE 1311
  • Cabinet : Made by mild steel with electrostatically powder coated mounted on 63mm diameter on(4) Rubber castors, stainless steel top with tray for keeping instruments
  • Reuseable Filter.
  • Jars : 2x2 ltrs. glass jar fitted with synthetic rubber lids with over low safety device.
  • Vacuum gauge : 76mm Diameter graduated in mm Hg.
  • Vacumm-700mmHg± 10%control by knob.
  • Suction capacity :35 Ltrs./min
  • Power: 230-50 Hz
  • Foot switch socket : Provided socked in side use for foot switch
  • Dimension :86H x 33D x 48W CM
  • Weight :29kg Approx.
Foot Suction Unit
Item Code:OML-AE 1312
Ambu Type Bags
Ambu Type Bags
Item Code Name
OML-AE 1313 Ambu Type Bags
Face Masks Padded
Item Code Name
OML-AE 1314 Face Masks Padded
Rebreathing Bags
Item Code Name
OML-AE 1315 Rebreathing Bags
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