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At Original Medical Equipment these are our some manufactured hospital linens or furnishings products, Handloom Curtain, Bath Mats Natural Printed, Floor Rugs Mats, Towels & Napkins and Door Mats etc. All these products are best in quality and looks.

Handloom Curtain
Handloom Curtain
Item Code Name
OML-1129  OML-FR 901 Handloom Curtain
Bath Mats (Natural Printed)
Item Code Name
OML-1130  OML-FR 902 Bath Mats (Natural Printed)
Floor Rugs/Mats
Item Code Name
OML-1131  OML-FR 903 Floor Rugs/Mats
Towels & Napkins
Item Code Name
OML-1132  OML-FR 904 Towels & Napkins
Door Mats
Item Code Name
OML-1133  OML-FR 905 Door Mats
With Hospital Door Mats, Towels and Napkins, Floor Rugs also contact us for all Hospital medical products...