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Hospital Holloware / Medical Inox Utensils
Are you or your clients looking for surgical hollowares for hospitals? Get in touch with us!

If you own a hospital or a nursing home or a distributor of medical supplies, you understand the importance of quality hospital and surgical instruments. It is something very critical for doing day to day operations and functioning of the routine checkups and surgeries. However, you need to double check the quality of these surgical utensils while buying them as any mishaps or errors can cost you a fortune.

Original Medical (OML) is a company you can bank upon when you are searching for quality surgical utensils in India. The company has carved a niche for itself by offering excellent quality surgical utensils like Kidney Trays (Emesis Basin), Bed Pans, Urinals, Surgical Trays, Instrument trays, Gallipots , Iodine Cup, Wash Basin, Mixing Bowl, Bucket, Medicine Cup, Beaker, Thermometer Jar, Instrument Sterilizer, Sputum Mugs, Dressing Drums, Forceps Jars etc. at best prices.

These utensils are made of specially manufactured medical stainless steel and are perfect for your core surgical needs. These surgical utensils are designed under the close and sharp inspection of our enthusiastic and dedicated team who are in the business of manufacturing of surgical utensils from years. Our professionals constantly strive to improve the quality of these utensils to make the user experience more rich and unproblematic.

The special stainless steel used in the manufacturing process of these utensils is made with an alloy of different metals like chromium, nickel and molybdenum. Every metal has its extraordinary characteristics that make the steel robust and profound. Chromium offers scratch and corrosion resistance to the steel. Nickel gives an effortless & slippery finish to the surface and molybdenum offers better stiffness and admirably sharp cutting edge.

These medical and surgical utensils make the operation or any kind of surgery a smooth sailing for doctors and surgeons and our huge satisfied testimonials second that. There are numerous doctors and surgeons have used these utensils and are content about the quality of these utensils.

Quality is the unique selling proposition for us and we don't compromise at all. We have a sound quality control department functioning efficiently to make sure that the quality of these utensils remains of international standards and that is the reason we are successful in winning the trust and respect of our clients across the India and overseas. You can blindly trust on the quality of these surgical utensils as we are one of the top most surgical equipment manufacturing companies in India.

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