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Our Hospital Bucket or also known as Pail made of best quality stainless steel material. This medical utensil used in a various way in any hospitals, clinics and medical collages. Mostly this is used to collect dressings and wastage item during any medical surgery and treatment. These Buckets comes in different sizes and shapes with cover and Lid or without cover and lid. They are also sterilizing products so that easy to wash, easy to handle and can be easily sterilized just before and after the use.

Here at Original Medical Equipment Company we are internationally leading Hospital Products and Equipments Manufacturer and worldwide suppliers also offer this Stainless Steel Bucket or Pail with meet International Standard quality products.

Following are our some main size of buckets. If you are looking for this surgical utensil or hospital hollowware you are right place here…..please feel free our enquiry form.

Stainless Steel Bucket
Item Code ML DIA H
OML-HH 478 8.0 ltr. 265 235
OML-HH 479 12.0 ltr. 282 250
OML-HH 480 15.0 ltr. 322 305
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