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Gallipot with Lip Manufacturer

This medical utensils Gallipot is a small pot of glazed earthenware used for medicine by druggists as a container. Here at Original Medical Equipment Company, we are also manufacturer and worldwide exporters of this stainless steel hospital holloware product.
Following are our some OML brand Stainless Steel Galipot with different size:-

Stainless Steel Gallipot Lip
OML-HH 451 30 ml 47 29
OML-HH 452 50 ml 57 32
OML-HH 453 90 ml 66 36
OML-HH 454 120 ml 77 41
OML-HH 455 170 ml 89 46

Note: All Standard Sizes available (available in both bright & matt finish)
Also contact us for Hospital Surgical Wares, Hospital Utensils, Lotion Bowl, Gallipot Round etc...

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