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Stainless Steel Kidney Trays / Emesis Basin Manufacturers
SS Kidney Trays OR Emesis Basin (without cover)

Kidney trays / emesis basin is made of Stainless steel AISI 304 grade (18/8) material.

Specially designed shallow basin with a kidney-shaped footprint used in medical and surgical wards to receive soiled dressings and other medical waste. Specially manufactured with care without having any sharp edges and superiorly designed.

The Stainless Steel Kidney Tray, which we offer, is used to spit and while doing dressing for the patients.
Stainless Steel Kidney Trays are used in all the hospitals and nursing homes and patient care in the house. Wastes are easily disposable through these trays. It is easy to wash, easy to handle. The stainless steel kidney tray can be easily sterilized just before the use.

Item Code Specification L W H
OML-HH 439 Kidney Trays 6" 163 77 31
OML-HH 440 A Kidney Trays 8" 200 90 31
OML-HH 440 Kidney Trays 8" 208 98 39
OML-HH 441 Kidney Trays 10" 248 122 43
OML-HH 442 Kidney Trays 6" 208 128 33
OML-HH 443 Kidney Trays 8" 255 141 33
OML-HH 443A Kidney Trays 8" 250 140 30
OML-HH 444 Kidney Trays 10 " 250 140 40
OML-HH 445 Kidney Trays (flatbase) 250 141 40
Please also Contact us for plastic kidney trays, kidney trays with cover and other ss hollowares.

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