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Our this Hospital Mixing bowl is made of stainless steel AISI 304 grade (18/8) material. This Utensil is used in all the hospitals, clinics, medical institutes and also home patient care in the house. Its a type of sterilizing bowls so easy to wash, easy to handle and can be easily sterilized just before the use.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Taper
Item Code DIA H
OML-651  OML-HH 471 80 34
OML-652  OML-HH 472 90 39
OML-653  OML-HH 473 95 54
OML-654  OML-HH 474 105 54
OML-654  OML-HH 475 130 72
OML-654  OML-HH 476 318 85
OML-657  OML-HH 477 350 116
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