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Stainless Steel Wash Basin Manufacturer & Supplier

Our this Hospital Wash Basin is made of best quality stainless steel AISI 304 grade (18/8) material. This medical utensil is used in all the hospitals, nursing homes and patient care in the house. This is also sterilizing products, so easy to wash, easy to handle and can be easily sterilized just before and after the use.
As a Hospital Medical products manufacturer and exporter we also provides this stainless steel holloware products with best quality standard.

Stainless Steel Wash Basin
OML-HH 481 3.0 ml 311 73
OML-HH 482 4.3 ml 356 80
OML-HH 483 7.0 ml 406 96
OML-HH 484 4.0 ml 319 85
OML-HH 485 4.5 ml 319 91
OML-HH 486 5.0 ml 319 100
OML-HH 487 4.5 ml 351 89
OML-HH 488 5.0 ml 351 99
Also contact us for any hospital ss holloware, Instruments Trays, Mixing Bowls, cups, drums etc....

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