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Here at Original Medical Equipment company as a Hospital products manufacturer and worldwide suppliers we are also provides Laboratory plastic equipments with International standard quality.

Our some main plastic labware products are, Laboratory Equipment Trays, Analytical Funnel, Powder Funnel, Euro Design Beakers, Measuring Cylinder, Utility Trays, Petri Dish, Carrier Tray, Staining Box, Ice Buckets, Magenta Box, Test Tube Baskets, Draining Baskets, Simple Cell Pot, Pneumatic Trough etc. These all product are with different different size and capicity. You can select according to your needs.

Laboratory Tray
Laboratory Tray
    SIZE (mm.)
Code Name L W H
Laboratory Tray 450
Laboratory Tray 375 300 75
Instrument Tray
Instrument Tray
    SIZE (mm.)
Code Name L W H
Instrument Tray 220 150 70
Instrument Tray 450 150 70
Carrier Tray
Carrier Tray
    SIZE (mm.)
Code Name L W H
OML-1605 Carrier Tray 380 240 115
Analytical Funnel
    SIZE (mm.)
Code Name Dia
OML-1610 Analytical Funnel 50
OML-1611 Analytical Funnel 62
OML-1612 Analytical Funnel 75
OML-1613 Analytical Funnel 100
Powder Funnels
    SIZE (mm.)
Code Name Dia Ø
OML-1614 Powder Funnels 65
OML-1615 Powder Funnels 80
OML-1616 Powder Funnels 100
OML-1617 Powder Funnels 150
Code Name Cap (ml)
OML-1618 Beakers 50
OML-1619 Beakers 100
OML-1620 Beakers 250
OML-1621 Beakers 500
OML-1622 Beakers 1000
OML-1623 Beakers 2000
Conical Measures
Code Name Cap (ml)
OML-1624 Conical Measures 12
OML-1625 Conical Measures 25
OML-1626 Conical Measures 50
OML-1627 Conical Measures 125
OML-1628 Conical Measures 200
Petri Dish
Code Name Cap (ml)
OML-1629 Petri Dish 50
OML-1630 Petri Dish 75
OML-1631 Petri Dish 100
OML-1632 Petri Dish 125
Measuring Cylinders
Code Name Cap (ml)
OML-1633 Measuring Cylinders 10
OML-1634 Measuring Cylinders 25
OML-1635 Measuring Cylinders 50
OML-1636 Measuring Cylinders 100
OML-1637 Measuring Cylinders 250
OML-1638 Measuring Cylinders 500
OML-1639 Measuring Cylinders 1000
OML-1640 Measuring Cylinders 2000
Utility Tray
    SIZE (mm.)
Code Name L W H
OML-1641 Utility Tray 375 350 130
Staining Box
    SIZE (mm.)
Code Name L W H
OML-1642 Staining Box 125 125 50
Ice Bucket
    SIZE (mm.)
Code Name L W H
OML-1643 Ice Bucket 313 265 177
Magenta Box
    SIZE (mm.)
Code Name L W H
OML-1644 Magenta Box 76 76 102
Test Tube Basket
    SIZE (mm.)
Code Name L W H
OML-1645 Test Tube Basket 140 120 110
OML-1646 Test Tube Basket 160 160 160
Draining Basket
    SIZE (mm.)
Code Name L W H
OML-1647 Draining Basket 400 400 100
Simple Cell Pot
Code Name Dia. (mm)
OML-1655 Simple Cell Pot 120 120 105
Pneumatic Trough
Code Name Dia. (mm)
OML-1656 Pneumatic Trough 180 60
OML-1657 Pneumatic Trough 200 100
OML-1658 Pneumatic Trough 250 100
Measuring Jugs (Euro Design)
Code Name Cap (ml)
OML-1659 Measuring Jugs 500
OML-1660 Measuring Jugs 1000
OML-1661 Measuring Jugs 2000
OML-1662 Measuring Jugs 3000
OML-1663 Measuring Jugs 5000
Beakers (Euro Design)
Code Name Cap (ml)
OML-1664 Beakers (Euro Design) 25
OML-1665 Beakers (Euro Design) 50
OML-1666 Beakers (Euro Design) 100
OML-1667 Beakers (Euro Design) 250
OML-1668 Beakers (Euro Design) 500
OML-1669 Beakers (Euro Design) 1000
OML-1670 Beakers (Euro Design) 2000
OML-1671 Beakers (Euro Design) 5000
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