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A collection of items used for laryngoscopic intubation procedures. A laryngoscope is an illuminating medical instrument used by healthcare providers to allow visualization of the pharynx and larynx of a patient. The pharynx is the area directly behind the nose and mouth, and the larynx is better known as the voice box. A laryngoscope is specially designed to fit into a patient's airway to allow for a procedure known as orotracheal intubation, in which a tube is inserted via the mouth into the trachea, or wind pipe, to deliver oxygen and medication and to permit deep suctioning.

There are two components to this instrument: the laryngoscope blade and the handle. The handle contains the batteries needed for illumination and the blade, which is inserted into the airway, has a bulb at the end of it from which a bright light shines during use. These blades are not sharp, and they do not cut the skin in any way. Laryngoscope blades come in different sizes, with 0 being the smallest and 4 being the largest. The size of the patient to be incubated determines the size of the blade that the healthcare provider will use.

    Item Code:OML-DE 1109
  • Laryngoscope Blade Ss
  • Macintosh Type
  • Miller Type
  • Laryngoscope Handles Ss/bcp
  • Medium C Size
  • Penlight Aa Size
  • Laryngoscope Bulbs
Laryngoscopes (Packing Options)
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OML-DE 1110 Laryngoscopes (Packing Options)
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