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Medi-Fix Elasticated Cloth
  • Code:- OML-2137
  • Knitted from unbleached cotton yarn in tubular form.
  • Absorbent and resistant to ointments.
  • Excellent dermophil, comfortable to wear.
  • Washable, resuable and sterilizable.
  • Used prior to the application of plaster of paris bandage.
  • Protection of limbs in surgery.
  • Can be used as stump socks for amputees wearing artificial limbs.
  • Size :- Available in various sizes
Arm Tourniquets
  • Code:- OML-2138
  • band of 1-inch width with velcro to give independent working by user.
  • Used in hospitals / Nursing homes for drawing blood or for intravenous injuries.
  • Colour : Black, Red and Yellow.
  • Size :- 12", 14", 16", 18"
Meta Tarsal Support
  • Code:- OML-2139
  • Padding attached with elastic to give correct contour.
  • Cotton fabrics to give comfortable wear.
  • Flat foot conditions.
  • Size :- Universal
Thomas Splints
  • Code:- OML-2140
  • Leather covered swivel ring, tinned, used for fractures of upper and lower thigh.
  • Size :- XS, S, M, L, XL
CrameríS Wire Splint
  • Code:- OML-2141
  • Concave shaped wired splint.
  • Light weight.
  • Malleable.
  • Emergency splinting.
  • Splinting before applying permanent cast / plaster.
  • Size :- Available in various sizes.
Orthopaedic Stockinett
  • Code:- OML-2142
  • Made up of finest, soft, non-absorbent tubular rib weaved cotton material.>
  • Available in disposable roll that is easy to preserve and keeps contents free from dust.
  • Used inside plaster.
  • Size :- 2", 2.5", 3", 3.5", 4", 5", 6"
Braunís Bohler Splint
  • Code:- OML-2143
  • Sets of pulleys at different levels.
  • Flat metal loop at base for stability.
  • Metal construction
  • Provide traction to the injured limb.
  • Traction in cases of fracture upper part of lower extremity.
  • Size :- Universal
The Cuff Weight Belt
  • Code:- OML-2144
  • Vertically sewn weight pockets to bend freely to be used on wrist or ankle.
  • Leather cover to give comfortable wear.
  • During graded physiotherapy exercises.
  • Size :-S(1/2kg), M(1kg), L(2kgs), XL(3kgs), XXL(5kgs)
Traction Weight With Rod
  • Code:- OML-2145
  • It is used in Hospitals.
  • Size :- Available in different weights
Orthopaedic Heating Pad
  • Code:- OML-2146
  • Fully automatic with built in thermostat for complete safety.
  • Multiplayyer insulation on both side for comfort and safetly.
  • Comfortable heat levels
  • Low power consumpiton
  • Orthopaedic appliance for quick relief from backaches, sprains, muscular joint pains etc.
  • Size :- S, M, L, XL
Sternal Splint (After Heart Surgery Belt)
  • Code:- OML-2147
  • Protects stemum, weakened due to direct injuries.
  • Mild compression support following cardio-thoracic surgery.
  • Protection of stemum weakened.
  • Size :- S, M, L, XL
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