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At Original Medical Equipments Co. Pvt. Limited we are also manufacturer and supplier of medical products and these are our best quality Orthopaedic Implants, Mini Fragments L-Plate, Angled Blade Plates, Malleolar Screws, Cortical Screws, Cannulated Screw, Nut For Screw, Dc Plate Brode, Dynamic Hip Plates, Small T Plate, L-Plate Left etc.

Mini Fragments L-Plate R. & L.
Mini Fragments L-Plate R. & L.
Item Code Name L
OML-1428  OML-OI 1028 Mini Fragments L-Plate R. & L. 3
OML-1429  OML-OI 1029 Mini Fragments L-Plate R. & L. 4
OML-1430  OML-OI 1030 Mini Fragments L-Plate R. & L. 5
Angled Blade Plates
Item Code Name L W
OML-1431  OML-OI 1031 Angled Blade Plates 150 50
OML-1432  OML-OI 1032 Angled Blade Plates 150 60
OML-1433  OML-OI 1033 Angled Blade Plates 150 70
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