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At Original Medical Equipments Co. Pvt. Limited we are also manufactures and supplier of Orthopaedic Implants and these are our best quality Orthopaedic Implants, Cancellous Screw, Cortical Screw, Malleolar Screw, Cortical Screw, Cannulated Screw, Nut For Screw, Dc Plate Brode, Dynamic Hip Plates, ,Small T Plate, L-Plate Left etc.

Cancellous Screw
Cancellous Screw
Item Code Name L W
OML-1401  OML-OI 1001 Cancellous Screw 3.5x1.75 10
OML-1402  OML-OI 1002 Cancellous Screw 3.5x1.75 12
OML-1403  OML-OI 1003 Cancellous Screw 3.5x1.75 14
Cortical Screw
Item Code Name L W
OML-1404  OML-OI 1004 Cortical Screw 3.5x1.25 10
OML-1405  OML-OI 1005 Cortical Screw 3.5x1.25 12
OML-1406  OML-OI 1006 Cortical Screw 3.5x1.25 14
Malleolar Screw
Item Code Name L W
OML-1407  OML-OI 1007 Malleolar Screw Thread 12 25
OML-1408  OML-OI 1008 Malleolar Screw Thread 15 30
OML-1409  OML-OI 1009 Malleolar Screw Thread 17 35
Cortical Screw
Item Code Name L W
OML-1410  OML-OI 1010 Cancelluous Screw 3.5x1.25 10
OML-1411  OML-OI 1011 Cancelluous Screw 3.5x1.25 12
OML-1412  OML-OI 1012 Cancelluous Screw 3.5x1.25 14
Cannulated Screw
Itme Code Name L W
OML-1413  OML-OI 1013 Cannulated Screw 7.0x32 mm 45
OML-1414  OML-OI 1014 Cannulated Screw 7.0x32 mm 50
OML-1415  OML-OI 1015 Cannulated Screw 7.0x32 mm 50
Nut For Screw
Item Code Name L
OML-1416  OML-OI 1016 Nut For Screw 7.0x32 mm
Dc Plate Brode
Item Code Name L
OML-1417  OML-OI 1017 Dc Plate Brode 4
OML-1418  OML-OI 1018 Dc Plate Brode 6
OML-1419  OML-OI 1019 Dc Plate Brode 8
Dynamic Hip Plates
Item Code Name L W
OML-1420  OML-OI 1020 Dynamic Hip Plates 150 4
OML-1421  OML-OI 1021 Dynamic Hip Plates 150 5
OML-1422  OML-OI 1022 Dynamic Hip Plates 150 6
Small T Plate
Item Code Name L
OML-1423  OML-OI 1023 Small T Plate 3
OML-1424  OML-OI 1024 Small T Plate 4
L-Plate Left
Item Code Name L
OML-1425  OML-OI 1025 L-Plate Left 4
OML-1426  OML-OI 1026 L-Plate Left 6
OML-1427  OML-OI 1027 L-Plate Left 8
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