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Plastic Hollowares (Medical Utensils Plastic)

Plastic Holloware, Plastic Medical utensils, are used for various medical and patient care in hospital, Nursing homes. All our Medical utensils plastics are autoclavable.

At Original Medical Equipment Comapnay we are also Manufacturer of reusable plastic holloware to hospitals and distributors both nationwide and globally. We offer a comprehensive range manufactured using homo-polymer polypropylene designed for repeated washing and autoclaving at 134C to 135C. Some of our products like, Bed Pan with Lid Handle and cover, Urinals for Male and Female both, Kidney trays, Gallipots, Measuring Jugs, plstic round bowls, plastic forcep jar, thermometer jar are listed bellow. Also provide many other plastic medical holloware.

Bed Pan with Lid   Handle
Bed Pan with Lid   Handle
    SIZE (mm.)
Item Code Name L W H
OML-PH 802 Bed Pan without Lid   Handle 400 260 90
OML-PH 803 Bed Pan with Lid   Handle 370 270 95
Urinal Male/Female
Item Code Name Cap.
OML-PH 804 Urinal Male/Female 1000 ml
OML-PH 805 Urinal Female 800 ml
Kidney Tray
    SIZE (mm.)
Item Code Name L W
OML-PH 806 Kidney Tray 6" 150 75
OML-PH 807 Kidney Tray 8" 210 100
OML-PH 808 Kidney Tray 10" 260 125
OML-PH 809 Kidney Tray 12" 300 144
Item Code Name Cap (ml)
OML-1652  OML-PH 810 Gallipot 35
OML-1653  OML-PH 811 Gallipot 90
OML-1654  OML-PH 812 Gallipot 280
Measuring Jugs (Euro Design)
Item Code Name Cap (ml)
OML-1659  OML-PH 813 Measuring Jugs 500
OML-1660  OML-PH 814 Measuring Jugs 1000
OML-1661  OML-PH 815 Measuring Jugs 2000
OML-1662  OML-PH 816 Measuring Jugs 3000
OML-1663  OML-PH 817 Measuring Jugs 5000
Plastic Bowl Round
Code Name Dia Height
OML-1670  OML-PH 818 plastic bowl round 346x111mm
Plastic Forcep Jar
Code Name Dia Height
OML-1680  OML-PH 819 Plastic Forcep Jar 54x178mm
Plastic thermometer jar
Item Code Name Dia Height
OML-1690  OML-PH 820 Plastic thermometer jar 30x110mm
Also contact us for Stainless Steel Hollowares, Hospital Furniture, Rehabilitation Products, Bathware etc....