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At Original Medical Equipment (OML) these are list of our main Scientific Products, Balance Double Beam, Micrometer Screw, Rheostat, Boyle's Law Apparatus, Newton's Color Disk, Test Tubes Holders etc.

Balance Double Beam
Balance Double Beam
  • Code: OML-1528
  • An accurately balanced magnetic needle,strongly magnetised is fitted with hardened steel pivot marking in jewels cup bearings. The needle can be easily removed for reversal. The inclination scale is of chrome brass graduated in degrees 0-90 four times.
Micrometer Screw
  • Code: OML-1529
  • Screw Gauge, Micrometer Stainless Steel screw (rod) accurately machined. Brass body, dull nickel plated finish.
  • Size: 25 mmx1mm pitch & 25 mm x o.5 mm pitch
  • Code: OML-1530
  • For use as series resistors or potentiometers. Open type slide wire type with a variety of resistance and current carrying capacity. Phosphor bronze contact provided on metal chrome plated slider-rod to give rapid and smooth adjustment. The end support are made of metal/bakelite.Diameter 43 mm.
Boyle's Law Apparatus
  • Code: OML-1531
  • Made of wooden stand,polished, mounted on heavy metal base with two levelling screws. A graduated metre scale is fixed in mm readings vertically. Two metal clamps provided to fix the closed glass tube 200mm long, along side either upper or lower portion of the scale.A metal clamp for holding open glass tube, sliding on a metal rod. Jolly air bulb 500mm dia is supplied mounted on a wooden frame which can be fitted on the side of the stand to enable the apparatus to be used, as jolly's apparatus. Supplied without mercury with pressure rubber tubing.
Newton's Color Disk
  • Code: OML-1532
  • Spinning the Newton color disk rapidly will cause it to turn white. The colored sectors on the 100" dosk are proportioned to appear white when rapidly spun.
Burette With Stopcocks
  • Code: OML-1533
  • This burette is made of borosillicate glass with single boro Rotaflo stopcock. Each Burette is individually calibrated to give maximum accuracy.
  • Capacity : 25 x 0.1 ml, 50 x 0.1 ml
Test Tubes Holders
  • Code: OML-1534
  • Metal zinc plated with wooden handle.
Test Tubes
  • Code: OML-1535
  • Made of glass medium walled with rim for use in school, colleges, Universites, research & industrial laboratories.Wall thickness is 1 mm & comes in pack of 100 pieces.
Measuring Jugs
  • Code: OML-1536
  • These handy Jugs, moulded in polypropylene, are clear, autoclavable and have good chemical resistance. These Jugs are provided with a handle for easy & convenient lifting and have raised graduations for easy reading.
  • Capacity : 250 ml,500 ml, 1000 ml 2000ml
Conical Flask
  • Code: OML-1537
  • Erlenmeyer, wide mouth, made of borosilicate glass. Conical flask with graduation is also available
  • Sizes : 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml
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