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Original Medical Equipment Manufacturer | Hospital Products
About-us - Hospital Equipment Manufacturer India | Original Medical
Hospital Supplier | Hospital Products Manufacturers | Original Medical
Autoclave Sterilizer | Portable Steam Autoclaves | Original Medical
Stainless Steel Hospital Bathware | Tooth Brush Holder, Soap Dispenser | OML
Surgical Instruments Manufacturer | Needle Holders, Mayo Scissors| OML
Plastic Holloware Manufacturer India | Plastic Medical utensils | OML
Laryngoscopes Sets manufacturer | laryngoscope blade | OML
Anaesthesia Equipment Manufacturer | foot suction machine | OML
Stainless Steel Petware Products Manufacturers | Pet care Utensils | OML
Scientific Products Manufacturers | Micrometer Screw | OML
Orthopaedic Implants Manufacturer | plates and screws | OML
Hospital Linens Manufacturer | Handloom Curtain, Bath Mats | OML
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ISO-Certified & A CE Marked Hospital Equipment Manufacturing Company
Our Capabilities - Hospital Equipment Supplier India | OML
Customized Product Solutions | Medical Equipment Supplier | OML
Medical Supplies | Hospital Suppliers | Global Supply Chain Management
Research & Development | Original Medical Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd
Engineering Process | Scientific Products | Original Medical
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Original Medical Equipment Manufacturer | Hospital Products
Our Capabilities - Hospital Equipment Supplier India | OML
Surgical Instruments Suppliers | Clamps and Distractors Equipments
Surgical Instruments Exporters | Surgical Equipments | OML
Orthopaedic Implants Manufacturer | angled blade plates | OML
Silk Smoke Cigarette Holder | Less Tar Cigrette Holder | OML
diagnostic-equipments/ 9 pages
Diagnostic Equipments| BP monitor, glucometer | Original Medical
Digital Blood pressure monitor | Mercury Sphygmomanometers
Littmann Stethoscopes | Digital, Electronic, Doctor Stethoscopes
Hospital Reflex Hammers Manufacturer | Diagnostic Reflex Hammers
Diagnostic Baby Scale | Electronic Digital Weighing Scale
Surgical Headbands | Doctor Head Mirror set Manufacturer | OML
Stainless Steel Digital Thermometer | Hospital Measuring Instruments | OML
Stainless Steel Magnifiers | Optical Measuring Loupes | OML
Digital Height Scale manufacturers | Height Measuring Device | OML
hospital-furniture/ 19 pages
Hospital Furniture Manufacturer | Beds, Baby Cradle, Chair | OML
Fowler Bed | Hospital Furniture, Beds Supplier, ICU Bed | OML
Hospital Bedside Screen | Medical Ward Furniture Manufacturer | OML
Stainless Steel IV Stands |Portable IV rod, Poles Manufacturer
Stainless Steel Kick Buckets & Bowls | Hospital Furniture
Medical Dressing Trolley | Hospital Instrument Trolleys | OML
Stainless Steel Wash Basin | Hospital Hand Wash Trolley | OML
Hospital Foot Step Double Stool | SS Medical Furniture
Stainless Steel Baby Cribs & Cradles | Hospital Baby Furniture
Stainless Steel Stretcher Cum Trolley | Hospital Rescue Bed
Stainless Steel Surgeon Stools | Surgical Chairs & Stools
Stainless Steel Patient Revolving Stool | Bedside Hospital Furniture
Hospital Bedside Locker Manufacturer | Drug Cabinets | OML
Hospital Stainless Steel Dustbin Manufacturer | Medical Waste Bins
Medical Examination Lamps | Surgical Lights, O T lights | OML
Medical Examination Table Manufacturers | Hospital Delivery Table | OML
Commode Chair & Bucket | Hospital Furniture, Stool
Invalid Walker | Mobility & Walking Aids in India | OML
Hospital Labour Table | Hydraulic Obstetric Delivery Beds
hospital-hollowares/ 27 pages
Hospital Holloware Manufacturer | Kideny Trays, Utensils | OML
Stainless Steel Surgical Dressing Drum | sterilizing drum | OML
Stainless Steel Bedpan Manufacturers |Hospital Hollowares | OML
Stainless Steel Trays Suppliers | Ss Surgical Trays | OML
Stainless steel Instrument Trays | Sterilization Trays, Dishes, Plates
Stainless steel Dental Tray | Medical Instrument SS Trays
Stainless Steel Surgical Catheter Tray Manufacturer | instrument trays | OML
Stainless Steel Mayo Trays | Surgical Trays, Hospital Utensils
Stainless Steel Kidney Trays | Bowls, Emesis Basin | OML
Stainless Steel Gallipot j-Type | Hospital Bowls, Utensils | OML
Stainless Steel Gallipot Lip | Inox Gallipot, Hospital Utensils
Stainless Steel Round Lotion Bowl | Gallipot, Sponge Bowls | OML
Stainless Steel Iodine Cup Manufacturer | Medical Utensils | OML
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl | Gallipots, Hospital Bowls | OML
Stainless Steel Bucket & Pails | Hospital Utensils
Stainless Steel Hospital Wash Basins | Patient Plastic Wash Pans
Stainless Steel Dressing Jars | Cotton Container, Surgical Jars
Hospital SS Graduated Medicine Cup | Lab Supplies | OML
Stainless Steel Beaker Manufacturer | Graduated Beakers | OML
Stainless Steel Male/Female Urinals | Urine Pots Manufacturer | OML
Stainless Steel Douch Can | Irrigator, Enema Cane | OML
Stainless Steel Surgical Forceps Jars | Hospital Thermometer Jar
Stainless Steel Thermometer Jar | Metal Forceps Jar | OML
Surgical Instrument Sterilizer | Sterilizing Equipment
Stainless Steel Commode Bucket with Round Bedpan | Toiletemmer Met Deksel
Stainless Steel Beaker taper | Laboratory Equipment
Hospital Holloware Manufacturer | Kideny Trays, Utensils | OML
hospital-rubber-goods/ 8 pages
Hospital Rubber Goods | Surgical Rubber Tube Suppliers | OML
Rubber Irrigating Syringes & Needles | Ear, Oral, Bulb syringe | OML
Ear Irrigation Rubber Bulb Syringes | Ulcer Syringes | OML
Rubber Hot Water Bottles | heat therapy products | OML
Pipette Bulbs and Fillers Manufacturer | Laboratory Rubber Goods
Ice Bag Manufacturer| Medical Ice Packs, Cold Compress | OML
Invalid Pressure Relief Air Ring | Inflatable Rubber Donut-Pillow Cushion
Medical Rubber Sheeting | Hospital Baby Mat | OML
laboratory-equipments/ 7 pages
Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer | Plastic Hollowares Suppliers | OML
Polypropylene Wash Bottle Manufacturer | Plastic lab Wash Bottles | OML
Polypropylene Plastic Buchner Funnels | Lab Equipment Flask
Polypropylene Graduated Pitcher Beaker Manufacturers | lab equipment |OML
Plastic Measuring Cylinder | Laboratory Measuring Equipment
Guedel Pattern | Oropharyngeal, Nasopharyngeal Airway
Plastic Labwares Manufacturer | Laboratory Equipment Trays
orthopaedic-aids/ 17 pages
Rehabilitation Aids | Orthopaedic Products, Medical Support | OML
Soft Foam Cervical Collar | Neck Braces, Neck Collars | OML
Reusable Elbow & Knee Heating Pads | Tennis Elbow Heat wrap | OML
ROM Knee Brace | Knee Immobilizers | Rehabilitation Aids
Lumbar Back Support, Body Belts | Rehabilitation Braces | OML
Ankle Brace & Supports | Joint Pain Relief Products
Back Splint & Supports | Rehabilation Aids, Braces
Abdominal Rehab Splint Manufacturers | abdominal support belt | OML
Knee Calf Ankle Splints | Elastic Leg, Foot Support
Broken Bones & Fracture Aids | Rib Belt, Shoulder Immobiliser
Medical Heating Pad, Arm Tourniquets | Rehabilitation Products | OML
Utility Splints Manufacturer | Elbow, Hand, Finger Splints | OML
Wrist, Elbow,Thumb, Finger Splints | Rehabilitation Aids | OML
Invalid Wheelchairs with Commode Seat| Mobility aids
Folding & Adjustable Rehabilitation Walking Aids | Mobility Devices, Walkers
Folding Commode Chair With Bucket | Toilet Chair & Stool
Rehabilitation Aids | Orthopaedic Products, Medical Support | OML
ot-lights-tables/ 3 pages
Operation Theater Equipments | OT Lights & OT Tables Exporters | OML
Hospital Operation Theatre Lights | Surgical Lamps, LED OT Lights
Operation Theatre Tables | OT Tables, Surgical, delivery bed