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Here are also some other surgical tools and products used in surgery process at hospitals, institutes and other medical services manufactured and supplier by us. These are like, needle holders, wire twisters, Lat Pliers, Mayo Scissors, Bandage Scissors and many more.

Mathieu Needle Holders 8" TC
Item Code Name
OML-720TC.20  OML-SI 263 Mathieu Needle Holders 8” TC
Berry Wire Twisters 7" TC
Item Code Name
OML-803TC.18  OML-SI 264 Berry Wire Twisters 7" TC
Lat Pliers 8" TC
Code Name
OML-8-825TC.20  OML-SI 265 Lat Pliers 8” TC
Mayo Scissors Straight 6.75"
Item Code Name
OML-F-0310.17  OML-SI 266 Mayo Scissors Straight 6.75”
Stause-Moore Towel FCPS. 625"
Item Code Name
OML-D-7082.17  OML-SI 267 Stause-Moore Towel FCPS. 625”
Siebold Scissors S-CVD., 9.5"
Item Code Name
OML-F-1531.24  OML-SI 268 Siebold Scissors S-CVD.,9.5”
Dutch Pattern Scalpel Blade, Remover,5.5"
Item Code Name
OML-A-0108.14  OML-SI 269 Dutch Pattern Scalpel Blade, Remover,5.5”
Lister Bandage Scissors 7"
Item Code Name
OML-F-5353.18  OML-SI 270 Lister Bandage Scissors 7”
Stille Plaster of ParisShears,10.25"
Item Code Name
OML-L-0600.26  OML-SI 271 Stille Plaster of ParisShears,10.25”
Seldin Bone File 12
Item Code Name
OML-J-4434.12  OML-SI 272 Seldin Bone File 12
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